Turnips and Friends

Eggs, toast, and turnips & friends

Eggs, toast, and turnips & friends

Tonight for dinner I ate leftover shrimp gravy and polenta for the third night in a row, and that is not a complaint. To go with them I had some leftovers from breakfast, pictured above, of what we call “turnips and friends.” Here’s how I make it.

Turnips & Friends

Renders a pound and a half of cooked turnips more highly palatable, with a little help from its friends.

I started this batch with a mix of yellow and white turnips that I’d cooked in some stock and olive oil, nearly burned, recovered, and then continued cooking until soft. Then this morning I introduced the cold, cooked turnips to their new friends.

Mince an onion and saute that in whatever kind of fat you like, in a large enough iron skillet to accommodate the turnips. I’d started with olive oil so I continued with that, and then saw I needed some more fat and added a scoop of rendered chicken fat that I keep in the fridge. Put a bay leaf in there. At least two tablespoons of fat, more if it looks dry. Get those onions nice and soft and brown on a medium heat. Salt and pepper them generously.

Add about four cloves of garlic, minced. Just toss them through, then add some minced bulk bacon. How much you use depends on your available resources. I used about a cup.

When the bacon has rendered itself somewhat and looks like something you’d want to eat, a few minutes, add the turnips, and toss gently every minute or so until they’ve warmed through.


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