Day 17, 18, & 19 – Yes, I Oxford Comma. Get over it (also verb the nouns).

It’s been a quiet weekend packed with a ton of Mass Effect 2 & 3.  It took a while to finish 2 in the way that I wanted so that I can begin 3 with the setup that I was looking for.   If you’d like to know more, feel free to message me, but the gist is that the ENTIRE Crew of the Normandy was saved and the Collector base blowed up.

On Saturday we went to a friends and had a delicious meal, some excellent drinks, and fun playing a few board games.

Sunday, the roomies went to Joe’s Crab Shack for some excellent sea food.  Z and I stayed in comfy clothes and played the aforementioned video game.  We had cereal for dinner.

Tonight we celebrated MLKJR Day with enchiladas. Both chicken and beef.

I made the tomato and verde sauce from scratch but I have serious problems rolling corn tortillas without having them split, bust open, or unroll…  After dinner googling leads me to believe that I probably need to cook the tortillas a bit, or at least throw them into the boiling sauce for a few seconds before stuffing.

Regardless, our encha-zagna was delicious.   I’d share the recipe but I kinda blew through the process half-assing it… throwing a little of this and that in there until it tasted right.

For the red sauce, it’s chicken stock, tomatoes, canned chiles, garlic, chili powder… something and something and another thing, blended when it starts to boil and then cook it down to thicken..

For the verde/tomatillo sauce it was chicken stock, tomatillos, a poblano pepper (deseeded), garlic, a jalapeno pepper (with seeds intact), something, something, and another thing… blended when it started boiling.

The beef was seasoned Old El Paso style… the chicken had salt, pepper, cumin and paprika.

All rolled into explodey corn tortillas that became like flat lasagna noodles, covered in sauce, cheezed to high hell, and baked until delicious.


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