Jan 19 – BBQ Beef Sandwiches and Falafel Extravaganza

The garbanzo bean theme continued tonight with a fantastic meal of falafel (made from a mix –just add water), spinach, beets and ricotta made from our goat’s milk. A lot of folks will turn up their noses at the goat milk, but it tastes like milk! We make several varieties of cheese, including ricotta which is made from the whey at the end of the cheese-making process. I cooked the falafel balls in a small amount of olive oil until browned on all sides then added the beets, spinach and seasoning. I added a bit of water and cooked it until the spinach was wilted, then added the cheese and warmed it through. It made a pretty and delicious meal.

I cooked a beef brisket (braised) for several hours on low. It came out very tender. I shredded it and added it to a skillet where I was grilling onions. I added a few spoonsful of the braising liquid with the leeks and celery in it, and about ¾ cup of sweet BBQ sauce. Once that was all melded together, I topped with sliced pepper jack cheese, turned it off and covered it with a lid to melt the cheese. I put sliced sourdough on a baking sheet and sprayed with canola oil. Put the meat on two slices of bread and slid under the broiler until the cheese was bubbly and the bread was toasty. These sandwiches were served to Rao and his buddy Jody who had just returned from an errand. We had a nice visit over dinner while the BBQ sandwiches were happily devoured. I honestly don’t mind preparing a separate meal, when it’s as well-received as this one was. Enjoy your dinner! V.

The Falafel extravaganza!365 dinner sized


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