Jan 24: An #EpicFail cocktail

Apple Cider Vinegar / Vodka CocktailAs my bio for the The 365 Dinner Project blog says, I look at cooking as a chemistry experiment. And this one was a spectacular fail.

Don’t ask me why, because I can’t explain it, but tonight I thought I’d try a cocktail made with apple cider vinegar and vodka on the rocks. It’s been done before, apparently. Several times.

My verdict?
Don’t. Just don’t.

How bad? I’m following it with straight vodka on the rocks. As a palate cleanser. But the Touch of Lime Restaurant Style tortilla chips from the local food shelf are an amazingly good combo!

The vodka was a much-appreciated gift from a friend, haters. You can’t buy alcohol (and many other things) with SNAP benefits — which is as it should be. Any libations I have are provided by the generosity of friends. Self-medication comes in many forms, right?


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