Jan 23 – Pork Steaks and Acorn Squash

We like to rotate our meats. When I was a teen I made a vow that if ever I were to get married and have a family, I would vary the menu. No roast beef on Monday, taco Tuesday (even tho’ I love tacos, and DO make them on Tuesdays), meatloaf on Wednesdays, you get the idea. I try to change it up and keep it interesting and flavorful while pleasing my hungry hubby and maintaining a healthy blood glucose level for myself.

We’d been through chicken and steak so tonight’s dinner(foraged from the chest freezer in the barn), was pork steaks. I thawed them,seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin and thyme. I seared them in olive oil, then finished them in the oven to ensure they were cooked through.

Earlier this afternoon I had cut an acorn squash in half and put the cut halves down in a shallow pan with about a ½ inch of water and baked them for about an hour. I seasoned them and put some butter in them and baked them in the oven for the last 20 minutes of the pork steaks cooking time, sliced and served one half of the squash between the two of us. Some sliced tomato/lettuce salad on the side and that was Friday night’s meal. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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