January 24: Vietnamesish Lettuce Cups

Whole 30 Vietnamesish Lettuce Cups, with Sriracha of LOVE.

Whole 30 Vietnamesish Lettuce Cups, with Sriracha of LOVE.

Sometimes you build a meal around a condiment. Especially if it’s a condiment that is a mind-bogglingly good Whole 30 compliant version of Sriracha, that is made by one of the most awesome humans on the planet, without whom your life would simply not be complete. That is how we wound up eating these incredibly delicious Vietnamesish Lettuce Cups for dinner.

Super simple, if you do a little advance prep.


Carrots and Radishes soaked in vinegar.
Fish Sauce

Grate carrots and thinly slice radishes and soak them – separately – in vinegar with a little water. If, like me, you’re doing this pretty much right ahead of time, mostly vinegar.  Set them aside…..

The meat, which probably should be pork, but we used beef, is simple. Grate about a thumb of ginger and press 5ish cloves of garlic, toss it in. A little salt. Some Fish Sauce, and squeeze a lime in, if you have one. I don’t, so I threw in some Yuzu juice, which is pretty much the tart nectar of the gods. Simmer it down, it’s yummy.

Dice up avocado. Slice up some cabbage. Clean up some bib / butter lettuce….

Top it all off with some Sriracha, of whatever sort you have. But the stuff I have is amazing.

That’s about it. Pile it all on. So so so so good.

Honestly, I eat better when I’m doing a Whole 30 than any other time. It forces me to think about what I’m eating, and what I want to eat….. I swear, it’s all better. This is just not a compromise.


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