Roast beef with gravy

Roast beef with gravy, butternut, and collards

Roast beef with gravy, butternut, and collards

Roast beef with a gravy made from the drippings, and warmed up collards and spiced butternut squash. I was happy with the gravy. I’m figuring out the process. I patted the roast dry with paper towels, salted it generously all over, and let it rest. Then I browned all sides of it in an iron skillet. Laid the meat in a pie plate on a bed of aromatics: coarsely chopped onion, garlic, carrot, and bay leaf. I picked that one up from Jamie Oliver today. Deglazed the skillet with wine and poured that into the pie plate. Drizzled generous quantities of olive oil, and ground pepper, over the roast. Roasted it at 325, turning it every half hour. It was a small roast, about a pound and a half or two pounds. I took its temp at an hour and it was nowhere close. Half an hour later (oops), it was almost too well done to eat. If I didn’t get it sliced thin with a tasty gravy on it, it was going to be too dry.

So after I roasted the meat, I strained the aromatics and pan drippings, poured just the fat into the pan I’d browned the roast, and made a roux. Then I added the rest of the strained drippings and two cups of stock, salted and peppered it generously, more than once. I’ll whisk gravy without complaint, but I’d sure like one of those deli meat slicers like my grandma used to have, because thinly slicing a roast is a real pain. But I got it done, and the gravy was delicious.

I’ve laid in provisions of wine and cookies, Kevin’s charging up the camping battery, and we’re ready for the storm.



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