January 27: Braised Pork Roast and Things

pork nd squashAaaaand, I’m obsessed with pressure cookers. As in, I got another one. The one I have (that was given to me by may favorite chief that Brady has had,) is big enough to bathe a toddler in. So I got a newborn size. And tonight, they were both churrtling away on the stove. One with chicken stock (which I gave away because I have TOO MUCH STOCK) and one with a citrus braised pork roast. 

I have not yet nailed this little one. I think it needed to go a little bit longer. It was tough, right at that point where it was cooked through too much to be moist, but not enough to be tender. But it didn’t suck, and it was still less than an hour from start to finish. I’m in love with the pressure cooker. I cannot believe there was life before it.

Served it up with some primordial warty squash that was impossible to cut into and clean. Not the “H” one – hibbard, hubbard, something like that – but something that was marketed as “like” the “H” one. Unfortunately, is was delicious, which means I’ll deal with it’s pain-in-the-assness again.

And my usual kale salad, (which I will take to the gym with me tomorrow, at 5am, along with hard boiled eggs and cans of sardines….. my standard paleo lunch…)

So, ya, it’s bed time. 5am is going to come really early…..


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