Beef and Venison Lasagna

Beef and venison lasagna

Beef and venison lasagna

I’ve had it with these no-cook noodles. They’re full of shit when they tell you to bake your lasagna without covering it in foil, and again when they say it will only take 30 minutes. In fact, I call bullshit on the entire business of lasagna you don’t have to pre-boil, because guess what: I’ve made lasagna, successfully, with the regular old noodles, and not boiled them. But you have to wrap the casserole in foil very tightly, and it takes an hour to bake. Exactly the same as with these stupid “no-boil” lasagna noodles.

I browned two pounds of ground meat, one of beef, one of venison, for this casserole. A pound of dry pasta. A big bag of frozen spinach. Sometimes I will spend all day making a lasagna, roasting vegetables for it, but not today. I should have used more sauce. Otherwise the proportions were pretty good, and I seasoned everything very carefully (except the frozen spinach, which I then sweated, and not in the culinary sense of the term, but it was fine), which is all good, because we ate dinner from it, and it still looks like we hadn’t even cut into the thing. We will be eating some lasagna this week.


One thought on “Beef and Venison Lasagna

  1. Down with the twice-as-expensive no-boil noodles! So going to try my favorite lasagna with regular noodles next time. There’s nothing quite like trying to be graceful with hot-as-hell, dripping-boiling-water, how-on-God’s-green-EARTH-could-they-BE-this-hot lasagna noodles that always tear when you try to get them out of the pot. There’s probably a gadget for that on Williams-Sonoma. Or Skymall (rest its soul).


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