Jan- 27 Gotta Frittata?

The winter here in southern Oregon has been less than wintery. We had some snow in December but it didn’t stick around. The month of January has given us temps in the 40s and 50s which has thoroughly confused my poor hens. Egg production slowed and then stopped completely when days got shorter and nights got colder. I resigned myself to buying eggs at the grocery store which I loathe. Once you’ve had fresh farm eggs, you’ll never want another store-bought egg. I had just purchased my second sad 18-pack of eggs at the store 2 weeks ago when the miracle occurred. An egg in the hen house! Now we are back up to 4 and 5 a day, which is about half of summer production, but nevertheless has left me with a surplus of eggs in the fridge.

As I washed and packaged another day’s worth of beautiful fresh eggs, I decided to cook up and be rid of the mediocre store-bought eggs as quickly as possible. This led to the creation of a veggie frittata. I diced onion, celery, green chile, and tomato. I chopped some spinach and began the saute’. The eggs were beaten with about a half cup of goat’s milk ‘til smooth. When the onions and peppers were softened in the skillet, I added the tomato and spinach. I poured the beaten egg over the veg and let it cook. When it was nearly ready, I grated some Colby Jack cheese over the top, turned off the burner and covered the pan to melt the cheese.

My husband, freezer-diving as he is wont to do, came up with a small filet mignon to add the meaty component to the meal. I cooked it earlier in the day, then sliced it and put a quick sear on the slices in a skillet with some butter. This left me with only 5 store-bought eggs to contend with.will boil them tomorrow. Enjoy your dinner! V.

365 dinner size frittata


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