Jan 28 – Stewed in a Pot

No, not me, though it’s not a bad idea. Tonight’s dinner was country-style pork ribs, oven BBQ’d to perfection. This is one of hubby’s favorite meals along with rice or potatoes. All three of these choices sound wonderful to me, but are verboten due to my elevated blood sugar issue.

Hubby did the grocery shopping last trip he took into town (40 minutes away) without me and had purchased a gianormous bag of fresh spinach. Needless to say I am on a quest to eat my way through this bag before it becomes less-than-fresh. Spinach is quite perishable, and he seriously over-estimated my love and desire to include it as an ingredient in every.Single. Meal.

I opted to strip the meat of the leftover chicken from Monday and stew spinach and (a can of whole peeled) chopped tomatoes together with onion and celery. I then added seasonings and the shredded chicken and simmered until the chicken was warmed through and the vegetables were cooked. It looked like a mess, but tasted pretty good! It was a small comfort to me while hubby was over there smacking his lips and making yummy sounds over his BBQ. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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