Feb 2 – Homegrown Pork, Salad and Quinoa

As usual, I’m making more than one side to go along with the main course. Tonight’s dinner is the very last of the pork from our friends’ farm-raised hog. I never want pork from the supermarket again. This meat is so flavorful! It looks and tastes completely different (in a good way) from store bought meat.

I was overtired after a sleepless and stormy night on Sunday so I let my trusty slow cooker do the work. I diced onion, celery and green chile, dumped in can of whole peeled tomatoes, and seasoned the pork with garlic, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper. I put in the tomato juice from the can and added a bit more water. The chops were still a bit frozen so I left the cooker on high setting for most of the day, then as the meat was getting tender, I brought it back to low for the last 3 hours or so.  I made some quinoa and finished off the ginormous bag of spinach Hubby had bought for me by creating a mixed green salad, adding beets, scallion and topping with goat cheese. Hubby got the leftover truffle mac ’n’ cheese, and I had quinoa. It was the sort of comfort food meal that we both love, and we devoured it with sort of a bittersweet sensation knowing that the homegrown pork was gone forever.  No more farm-raised hog until summer time.  Enjoy your dinner! V.

365 dinner 2-2


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