Bacon burger recipe

Bacon burger with roasted squash and collards

Bacon burger with roasted squash and collards

Someday I’ll learn to take good food photos. A year’s worth of practice might go some way toward improving my current skills in this arena. Never put condiments all over your burger, including too much mustard (it’s 2015, and in lieu of self-sizing boots and jackets, I would like better condiment bottles, please) and then slide the bun off to show the sticky mess for the photo. It’s like taking a big bite of food and chewing it, then opening your mouth for the photo. Which is too bad, because the burger was delicious, and I’m about to tell you how to replicate it (minus the surplus mustard).

Bacon Burgers

Serves 6


  • One and two-thirds pounds of ground beef
  • Between one third and one half pound of bulk bacon
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ground pepper

I started with some bulk bacon (another of my rough measures) that I was originally going to run through the Kitchen Aid sausage making equipment, but that was when I was going to make burgers on the same day I rendered beef fat, and today was not that day. So instead, I sliced the bacon very thin, and then chopped it fine. Mincing bacon is slippery, dangerous work, so be careful.

I had two pounds of beef and made one burger out of it before using the rest for this recipe. I’m guessing on the salt and pepper, but basically, I generously salted the top of the mess I made on the cutting board. Then I mashed everything together until the bacon was well incorporated. I rolled the whole mess into a log, sliced it into six pieces, and then with a pinch borrowed or loaned here and there, made six even patties, which I then broiled for five minutes on a side.

I think the little things make a burger good, like a buttered, toasted roll, so I did that, even though it meant us standing around the kitchen, watching the toaster oven do its thing for a minute or three while we salivated in anticipation. I served the burgers with the rest of the spicy butternut squash, and some collards I braised in lamb stock.

The burgers came out terrific. I’m in love with these things at the People’s Pint, up in Greenfield, (I think they call theirs a “Squealer”) but rarely make it up that way. Bacon in the burger is definitely the way to go.


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