All My Dinners


We have been sick.  Most of us, at one point or another, since my last post…sick.  This is no real excuse, but it is a reason, and I’ve included all dinners we’ve eaten since my last post in this one.

Above, you see my version of pasta carbonara.  Or, as my kids call it, ‘Bacon Pasta’.  The following night, we ate ramen.  I’ve already put a photo of this exact meal in this blog, so I’ll spare you.


This is what I make when I don’t want to cook, but I’d like to eat.  Is this not a dilemma everyone has?  The kids also love peas.  It’s broiled pork loin steaks, mashed potatoes and peas.  From the microwave steam bags.  This is the first time I’ve had a microwave in about six years.  It came with the house.


I really, really wanted some good cheesy Italian food.  This was a day I got some bad news, and needed a little comfort.  What’s better at that than pasta?  Nothing.  Nothing except chocolate.


What should I call this?  It’s like Thai – ish food.  We had company, and I like them, and I felt like cooking.  Steamed rice with homemade peanut sauce, beef satay, mango curry chicken and vinegar cucumbers.  Mmmmm.  I want some more.


As you might surmise from the lighting, this was an early dinner.  I did not feel like cooking.  The ribs were precooked and the rest was steamed in the steamer or boiled.  Our tummies hurt and the buttery rice helped.


My husband made dinner last night. It was hamburger helper, and it had way too much meat in it but I didn’t have to cook and it was warm.  It reminds me of the book “Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King whenever I eat Hamburger Helper and have a sugary drink.

More later.


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