Feb 5 – It Was Cheesy

It was sloppy. It was some sort of a Sloppy Joe derivitive left over from Hubby’s carefree childhood days in the 50’s when he belonged to the ‘Clean Plate Club’ and ate everything on his plate because there were starving children in China. How that makes any sense escapes me. At my house we also had a ‘Clean Plate club’. I was a reluctant member. There were starving children in India that my parents insisted would live if I would but eat my lima beans. For years I carried guilt over how many children I’d murdered.

I had a small loaf of artisan cheese bread that was perfect for this recipe. I sweated the celery and sweet onion in the skillet and then browned the ground beef, seasoning it with chile powder, garlic, salt , pepper and oregano. In a saucepan I put 1 large tomato , chopped, a can of whole peeled tomato chopped with the juice and half a bottle of jalapeno ketchup. I had no tomato sauce or paste, so I just cooked all the tomatoey stuff down until it thickened up. I drained the ground beef and mixed it with the tomato sauce and tranferred it into the hollowed out loaf of bread. Topped with shredded colby jack cheese and into the oven for about 30 minutes until the cheese was browned and bubbly and the bread was toasty. In my eagerness to serve it up, I forgot the final photo. Trust me, it was pretty, and Hubby said it was pretty tasty too. He nearly cleaned his plate, but saved a serving for another meal.

I warmed up a leftover pork chop and threw some tomato mushrooms and spinach in skillet with olive oil and garlic powder. A quick stir fry and the rest of my leftover quinoa and I had a yummy dinner and no bad carbs. Enjoy your dinner! V.

feb 5 resizedfeb 5 before oven


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