Feb 6- Take Your Pick Tacos

We’re having severe storms in the Pacific Northwest so I decided to cook early (my range is electric), in case we lose power from the big wind. I’d already heard that neighbors up on the mountain were without power earlier in the day, so I wanted to be sure dinners for the weekend were covered. I can cook on the wood burning stove, but I’d rather not.

Hubby went to the grocery store on Thursday and bought a package of 2 chicken breasts. Then, forgetting I was planning to cook those tonight, he shopped in the chest freezer and brought in a package of lamb chops, and a pork shoulder roast. He requested tacos from the pork but said nothing about the lamb. Since I plan to be busy over the weekend, I decided to cook ALL the meat, so we can just eat what we want for leftovers. I seared the lamb chops and finished them in the oven. Made lemon pepper chicken, and let the slow cooker do the pork roast, then shredded it. I also cooked a pot of rice for him to have with his meal.

I made Tacos Carnitas for the Hubby by crisping up some of the shredded pork in the skillet and adding onion, lettuce and tomato. I shredded some cheese and served them up in fried corn taco shells.

For me, it was a taco salad. Whatever diced lettuce, tomato and onion was left on the cutting board went into my bowl, added the rest of the shredded cheese and my pick of the meat, which was chicken. Liberally doused with hot pepper sauce, my taco salad was fantastic! Enjoy your dinner! V.


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