Feb 8- Pie In the Sky

This evening I attended a meeting of women from the church I attend. When the meeting broke up pie and ice cream was served with coffee. I had a 2 second fierce battle with my will as I declined the plate offered to me, giving the excuse that I needed to get back home. I was sweating it as I got in my car and headed down the drive. It wasn’t so much the dessert before dinner issue, though some of the women in the group were aghast at the thought, but more the consequences to my blood sugar, should I give in to the very strong temptation.

I don’t take meds for my pre-diabetic condition. I exercise my ass off and eat sugar-free – and mostly grain free. I repeat my mantra “no bad carbs” throughout my day as I prepare food and eat. It’s working. After 4 months, I am seeing the results.

I got home and Hubby had not yet eaten, as he was busy tending to the newborn lambs. I pulled out some leftover lamb chops and rice and simmered them in pork stock.  This one bowl meal is his absolute favorite comfort food.

I celebrated my victory over the razzleberry pie with a mixed green salad topped with some shredded chicken dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with goat cheese crumbles. It was not as supremely satisfying as I’d hoped it would be, but not horrible either. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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