Feb 9- The Anti-rito and Cake

All I was craving today was burrito; A cheesy, saucy delicious flour-tortilla –wrapped package of goodness dripping with salsa and spicy enough to make my mouth water just thinking about it. Since I am unable to enjoy the flour tortilla (no bad carbs), I did the next best thing. I made the filling! The remaining half a chicken breast shredded with onions, and hot pepper sauce, some sliced mushrooms for fun and melted cheese over it.  If I closed my eyes with a mouthful, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference! This, along with half an acorn squash mashed with butter, salt and pepper made the meal.

Hubby ate shredded pork with rice. This is another one-bowl meal that makes him extremely happy.  He spent the day in the kitchen brewing beer. I decided to surprise him and bake him a cake. My pantry search turned up a white cake mix, so I “doctored it up” with coffee and cocoa and made a lovely mocha cake.  I baked it in a spring form pan, then frosted it with fudge and drizzled with caramel. Ta daaaa!  The cake turned out pretty, so I took its picture! Enjoy your dinner. V.



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