Food for Thought

I did it again.  Four nights flew by, we aren’t sick…and it isn’t until now that I sit here to post the blurry phone-camera photos and descriptions of my days edible endings.

Why?  It’s certainly becoming less interesting to post a meal repeat.  I didn’t even bother pulling out the cell for pizza.  Although it was delicious, the chewy crusty goodness that is Boston’s Pizza didn’t merit another picture of the same.  It was good, though.  A bonus?  I didn’t have to cook.


This is rice and beans.  Did I already write about this meal?  I don’t remember.  Too much is happening.  Maybe I did.

Maybe it’s only been three nights.  I don’t know.



I KNOW I didn’t write about this.  My husband deep fried two chickens in peanut oil.  OMG.  It was amazing.  We ate them all.  I made some garlic rice and broccoli on the side.  Those were like…meh.  We have homemade KFC basically.  Who needs anything else?  It was so good.  He wants to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving and I think it will happen.  Maybe he can make more chicken for my birthday because we won’t have power all day.  Yay for living on base!  All suffering AND fun is mandatory.  Have you never heard of mandatory fun days?


We ate on our porch, which I always regret because my kids are loud and I don’t feel like I can properly yell at them outside.  We started eating before the veggies were done.  I suck at microwaving things.  Before you, you will see some steak, leftover rice with onions thrown in and A-1 because the steak was just not that good.

The following night, we ate pizza.


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