It was On Sale

20526_10206004224775024_1597305877607177540_n This is what we ate the past two nights.  To the left, is probably the cheapest dinner I have made lately.  Besides hamburger helper.  Chicken tortellini on sale, a jar of premade pasta sauce, some frozen peas, garlic and cream cheese.  The salad just has cucumbers and vinegar, salt and pepper.  It was good.

Last night, we had blanched asparagus, because it was also on sale, honey chicken thighs and Italian flavored little potato wedge things.  I was walking the dogs and smelled someone making dinner.  I tried to recreate that.  The potatoes and chicken were really good…sweet and crunchy on the outside.   10984286_10206013362203454_8238850510487448139_n


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