Carrot soup and steak quesadilla

Sirloin quesadilla and a bowl of creamy carrot soup

Sirloin quesadilla and a bowl of creamy carrot soup

Lotta dairy here. It was going to be a late dinner, so I started off with a little snack before Kevin got home. I’m on kind of an olive kick right now and I bought some that were labeled Tunisian. I didn’t think what that might mean except for I figured it would have some spices in it. Turns out Tunisian olives are spicy compared with Greek ones. What goes good with spice? Cheese. So I had some cheese and olives, thinking I was going to have steak and vegetables for dinner. When Kevin got home it was late for him and that’s when he’s most likely to propose we eat something horribly evil that sounds convenient but mostly feeds our remorse. We almost ordered burgers. I had already placed a call. But the line was busy, and pausing to reflect before redialing, we rethought our strategy. Kevin’s was to put beef and cheese and bread into his mouth at the same time. We can do this. Steak quesadillas: totally doable. And do you want soup with that? You bet we did. And the final episode of Master Chef Junior? And the last two slices of Jell-O cheesecake? Yes, yes, and thank you.


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