Feb 14th – My Crabby Valentine

Hubby and I attended the annual Valentine’s Day Crab Feed put on by the local chapter of Lions Clubs International. This is a fundraiser to help fund a scholarship given to an outstanding high school student in our tiny town.

We have a tradition of spending our Valentine’s Day dollars in charitable ways instead of “wasting” them on flowers and restaurants. I don’t eat candy, so there you go.

We arrived for the first shift of the crab feed to a packed grange hall, finding possibly the last two open seats. For our $40 ticket we got all the crab we could eat, cole slaw, potato salad, dinner rolls, and the best part for my hubby, all the beer he could drink. Rao’s not a drinker but he managed to put away 3 or 4 free glasses of beer. There was a raffle and many prizes that were auctioned off. We bought some raffle tickets, and listened while they gave away the prizes. We got to the end of the 2 page list, and hadn’t won anything. We ended up with the final prize! It was a gift certificate for a free pizza. We had a fun night. I was the designated driver and got us back home safely and rolled hubby into the house and his recliner. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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