Feb 17 – Hangry Girls at Bubba Gump’s

Day two of my vacation was a touristy trip to Los Angeles’ ‘ County Museum of Art with my daughter. We spent a couple of hours in a gallery nearby then went downtown to the museum. The museum closed right at 5 pm, which meant the start of what is laughingly called “rush hour” in LA. The irony is that the freeways load up, but no one goes anywhere for hours.

My daughter Beth and I decided to stop for dinner to kill time rather than to get on the freeway, so we asked the GPS lady in her smartphone how to get to Universal City. CityWalk has an abundance of restaurants and shops, so we made that our destination. One thing we didn’t realize was that during rush hour in Los Angeles, you cannot make left turns on residential streets. This confused the heck out of the GPS lady and frustrated us to no end. Through a 40 minute series of ridiculous right turns we finally made it to Universal Citywalk, only to find that the parking valet was on a break, so we had to go ALL the way back down to the boulevard (because no left turns, no u turns) and around again before we could access the parking structure. By then we were tired and hangry (hungry and angry) and just wanted some food!

We ended up sharing a steak and shrimp platter and stuffed mushrooms at Bubba Gump’s Fish Company. This restaurant is taken from the Forrest Gump movie and was filled with all kinds of props, costumes and paraphernalia from the production. The food was above average, and the experience was fun. Enjoy your dinner! V.

Eat Forrest, Eat!

Eat Forrest, Eat!

DSCN0548 DSCN0552


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