Kimchi and bulgogi calzone

Filo's calzones

Filo’s calzones

They look the same on the outside. We couldn’t even sniff out the difference, but I thought I saw a little bulgogi beef sticking out of mine. Kevin got his new favorite calzone, the chicken BBQ ranch, hold the BBQ. I tried a new item on the menu, the kimchi and bulgogi calzone. I love all three of these things. It could be great, right?

It is delicious. Even my skeptical friends agreed, to their surprise. Bulgogi is Korean style barbecue: I think this was skirt steak, marinated with plenty of ginger and just a little heat that I can still feel on my tongue an hour later. There was mozzarella in the calzone, too, so the overall effect with the steak and kimchi is that of a cheese steak sandwich, with the kimchi giving it some crunch and tang.

I’d totally get this again. But first, I get to eat the other half for lunch tomorrow.


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