Caribbean-Texan brisket

Beef brisket, red kale, and salt roasted potatoes

Beef brisket, red kale, and salt roasted potatoes

I’m watching a series on Netflix called “How the States Got Their Shapes.” And while barbecue has not actually had any role in the geographic shaping of any American states, the differences among barbecue styles has been noted. Texas barbecues mainly beef, because it’s cattle country, and they prefer a dry rubbed, slow roasted brisket, classically served without sauce.

This brisket has been rubbed with a Caribbean spice blend that Kevin put together some time ago, so I don’t know everything that’s in it, but I can tell you it’s got turmeric and clove. I rubbed it generously with the spice blend, browned it in the oven, then added stock, wrapped it up in foil, and turned the oven down for a few hours.

The red kale is from the freezer, warmed up and buttered. The potatoes are so small and cute, I scrubbed them and roasted them whole. When I generously salt whole potatoes and then roast them in the oven, the skins get chewy and the insides, fluffy.

The brisket came out tender, if a little dry (I had to hold the roast for a while and should have taken it out of the braising liquid), so it sliced and held its shape. I used enough spice rub but not too much, though it could have used a little salt. I wouldn’t have minded some sauce, either, and since Kevin’s also on a ranch and barbecue sauce kick, there’s some in the fridge to eat on the leftovers.

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