Feb 23 – Dinner at Louie’s

Of all the meals I went out for during my California vacation this one was in the top 3. The other two were lunches and don’t count. I had a wonderful day, walked on the beach in my hometown south of Santa Barbara, met my Mother-in-law for brunch then drove down to Los Angeles to see my best girlfriend. We visited at her apartment then walked the few blocks to Louie’s. Louie’s is a New Orleans- style restaurant. It features French and Cajun food on an ever-changing menu. I took a peek at the menu online before we left, so I had an idea of what looked good.

We were seated in the patio which had nice heaters, had a beverage (mine a Spicy Bloody Mary), then the main course. Bev had a Cajun chicken taco, and some spicy shrimp in a cream sauce, and I had an Irish Cottage Pie. The cottage pie was like a shepherd’s pie with shredded beef and veggies in gravy, topped with mash and melted port wine cheddar. I scraped most of the mash off, and devoured the rest. I couldn’t finish it, but gave it my best shot. Thankful we were able to walk some of it off. I stayed for a while then took the long (2 hr.) drive back to my sister’s house. The food was wonderful and the company even better. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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