Feb 28 – Birthday Dinner at Sergio’s

One of my dear friends and favorite horseback riding buddies has her birthday on the 25th of February. Mine is the 3rd of March so we usually combine our celebrations together with the neighborhood crew and have a pot luck or card party. Sometimes we head down the mountain to one of the two restaurants in our tiny town for dinner. We bring our own cake and ice cream, and the restaurant supplies the plates and spoons. This year we did things a bit differently. My birthday buddy decided she didn’t want to host the birthday celebration this year, so she suggested dinner at a Mexican restaurant in the city
(about 30 miles from home). My neighbors picked me up on their way past my house, since hubby decided not to go, and drove me to the restaurant. We had a delightful meal and a wonderful visit. My choice of food was Carne El Pastor. This, for your English speakers, is marinated steak. It’s served with whole pinto beans, rice, salad, and corn tortillas. I also had a Margarita (since I had a designated driver).

I was a good girl, leaving the rice and tortillas untouched, but cheated in a big way when it came to dessert. I fell off the no-sugar wagon right into a piece of ice-cream cake! It hurt the next day, but was so worth it. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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