Hinge burger

Hinge burger

Hinge burger with sides

“If you could get a burger from anywhere in Northampton, where would it be?”

That’s the question I posed this evening. We’re all four experienced downtown diners. I threw out the names of a few places. A few more were added to the list. I’ve always had good food at Hinge. It was time to try their take out.

I ordered two of our favorite appetizers, their Brussels sprouts, which are served with hazelnuts and feta, and the Hinge version of poutine. We shared those all around, along with some coleslaw Kevin made, and each ordered a different sandwich: three burgers and one chicken. I got the Hinge burger, with onions and fried pancetta, oozing with house made boursin cheese. Boursin. Boursin. Say it. It’s a funny word. “There’s an N there,” Kevin says. “You have to make sure to not-pronounce the N.” He demonstrates a few times.

Boursin is not only fun to say, it’s also delicious on a burger. Hinge makes their own. Hinge has also figured out how to keep my fries crispy all the way home (one mile, in a car), so bravo on that point, as well. The only criticism I heard was that the poutine was not as amazing as it is when eaten in the restaurant. It was still pretty good.


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