Leftovers and freezer food

We got one of those crazy March snows today, after the winter seemed to be melting up, which is exactly the way March works. It’s Friday and I find myself week end with a fridge full of meat. I spent part of the afternoon butchering a venison round into stew and ground for the freezer. We’ll be eating that for months. But tonight for dinner, I served leftovers: slices from a lamb leg roast, and three vegetable dishes, none that I made today.

One, I alone ate, because it has beets in it. It also has carrots, onions, and sage. Another from the freezer is a Chinese five-spiced combination from last August, of sweet peppers, eggplant, and summer squash. The third combo is one from earlier this week, of parsnips and carrots with a sweet spiced glaze.

We each made a plate and watched an old episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” I forgot to take a picture of my dinner before I ate it, so no image with today’s post. I go back and forth, red wine or beer with dinner. If you’re wondering what pairs well with leftover red meat, tonight we’re each enjoying a glass of Ghost Pines, one of Kevin’s favorite reds.

Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.


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