March 10 – Odds and ends salad

I know I make a lot of salads, it’s a fact. My blood sugar issues require that I eat a lot of good carbs, and I love vegetables. I make it to the grocery store about once every two weeks, so I have to make the most perishable vegetables first and stretch out the ones that last for as long as I can. Hubby goes shopping in the chest freezer we keep in the barn, so whatever he brings in becomes the main course.

This night we had both been working outside all day. I had ridden two horses and done some heavy chores, and he was out building an outbuilding. Neither of us was very hungry so I just threw together this salad. I used beets and carrots from last year’s harvest, the last of my fresh greens and tomato, and sliced a pickled egg , and crumbled some bacon and goat cheese on top and called it dinner. Enjoy your dinner, V.

odds and ends salad


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