March 7- Chicken Thighs and Salad

Note: Apologies in advance because I’ m about to post 2 weeks worth of dinners. My freelance writing schedule has kept me very busy for the past 3 weeks, so sorry for the delay. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat wondering what I’ve been eating.  Vee – 3/27/15

I find it coincidental that as I got  busy with freelance assignments, I not only stopped writing my dinner posts, I also stopped keeping my food journal. I continue to record my blood sugar readings. I do my exercise and eat right, but I’ve definitely been thrown way out of my regular routine.

So here I am playing “catch-up” again. It’s 6 am on a dark and stormy Oregon morning, and I am having my coffee and looking back at my list of dinners trying to remember what they looked and tasted like. I can only assume they looked beautiful and tasted delicious.

Saturday night’s dinner was chicken thighs. I seasoned them with lemon pepper and garlic and made a green salad. I’m so enjoying the greens from my neighbor’s greenhouse. I barter a dozen eggs once a week and she brings assorted salad greens and a loaf of pumpkin bread for hubby. It is fun eating fresh produce in winter. I love that I can pull out preserved, frozen and even fresh veggies when others are eating out of a can. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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