Bacon cheeseburger and green beans

Bacon burger with cheese, green beans

Bacon burger with cheese, green beans

I chopped up about a quarter of a pound of bulk bacon fine, and mixed it and a whole lot of finely minced garlic into a pound of ground beef to make these burgers. Kevin likes his cheese molten, so I shaved some sharp Cheddar and topped each patty for the last minute of broiling.

I was mad for garlic tonight, because I put a lot of it in the green beans, too. The roll is a soft, sweet Martin’s potato roll, buttered and toasted.

We’re coming up on the Passover/Easter weekend. Yesterday, I got to sample a friend of a friend’s homemade crack. “Crack” is what we call chocolate and caramel covered matzoh. If the caramel was cooked to a hard crack, it will shatter when you break it (“crack”) and either way, it’s addictive. Today, Kevin brought home the little chocolate Easter bunnies that a co-worker’s hometown church sells, and Kevin always buys: a milk chocolate bunny for himself, and a dark one for me. Does anyone, anywhere, not start off by eating the ears?


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