April 6 – Chipotle Chicken Mash and Butternut Squash

Easter wasn’t any kind of an occasion for us this year. We don’t have family here, we didn’t go to church. I was dealing with work deadlines and it just didn’t end up being a celebration. So for Monday I decided I was going to make a nice dinner for hubby and me. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Yep.

Two emergencies on the farm took care of that! One was a birth, twin goat kids. The other was a near death (don’t feed bones to your dogs people) that landed my 7 yr old Border Collie mix in the vet hospital with surgery. We got home from the vet to find that one of the twins didn’t make it. That was the icing on the crap cake of the day. This  farming life is really hard sometimes. The happy ending was that my pup survived and so did the remaining twin.

I managed to throw some chipotle sauce over some chicken quarters and make some instant mash. I baked a butternut squash for our vegetable. This photo taken before I put the chicken gravy on the plate. So all in all, the dinner was the high point of the day. Celebrating birth and rebirth all in the same day.  Enjoy your dinner! V.

365 dinner apt 6


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