April 8 -Meeting night, late dinner

Hubby had to fend for himself as the second Wednesday of the month is my Board of Director’s meeting for my charity. I ran that meeting like a well-oiled machine and got us out of there by 7:15.We all chatted for about 20 minutes then I got everyone out the door and locked it up. Got home a bit before 8 pm very hungry. I made a green salad with heirloom tomatoes and an avocado. Balsamic vinegar and oil to dress it, and I was set.  Except I was still hungry when I finished that salad! I checked the fridge and saw the last of the butternut squash was still there, so I heated that up with butter, salt and pepper and consumed it. It was warm and yummy. I felt satisfied then! Enjoy your dinner! V.


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