Bike trail dining

I forgot to take a picture of my Panera turkey avocado BLT on sourdough with an apple. Sorry, you’ll simply have to imagine some hunks of meat and quartered fruit tossed somewhere in the vicinity of some mayonnaise slathered bread.

On the way there, I stopped a couple of places. First was Quarters, an old-timey arcade with a bar and a little courtyard where I could sip a pint of Ginger Libation from a canning jar and read an old issue of The New Yorker. Are they still fracking in Oklahoma? Then it’s not too old an issue.

My next stop was at the Barnes & Noble. I am shocked that this dinosaur still lives in a strip mall near me. I don’t know how it lives: it’s nearly empty of people, and the books are empty, too: books of inspirational quotes, pictures of dogs, reprints of classics, remaindered hardcopies. Is this what I want so much to make, a book? So it can die on the “Last Chance” rack outside a dying mega-chain bookstore?


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