Days 12 & 13: Magical Pasta Pot

Life has been incredibly crazy thanks to my husband’s insane work achedule.

So I made my famous spaghetti sauce. It involves throwing things into a pot until it tastes right. This time I made one that was a bit sweet and hot.

When I make sauce, I make enough for days. I strain it a bit and use it as pizza sauce or I use it as the sauce for a zitti.

I boiled up some rotini noodles – they are the corkscrew guys – and mixed them with some of my sauce and reduced fat ricotta. But it was too…I don’t  know, one note? I just didn’t sing.

So I chopped up some pepperoni and threw it in. Then I baked it with a sprinkle of parm on top.

It was MAGIC.

It was so good that I made everyone eat spinach and a salad before they could have seconds. They tolerate my beloved tyranny or I threaten not to cook.

And no one can ever have it again because we cannot replicate the sauce let alone the pasta dish.

So, so, so good.


Vodka Martinis, chocolate chip cookies, oh and dinner

My son and I are celebrating the Golden Globes. We had an early dinner of a salad and homemade spaghetti with low carb pasta.

We are following that up with martinis and the occasional chocolate chip cookie while we watch the Golden Globes.

We are going for a nutrition award this year – obviously.

“The Best Food” Day 10: Lynn, Late- Night Breakfast

There is something incredibly comforting about breakfast for dinner – especially on a cold night – and especially when someone has been put in the cold most of the day.

My son was out all day, in the cold. We decided to have a late lunch and an evening dinner. My husband went to meet my son’s train at around 8:00.

While he was gone, I made breakfast for dinner.

For all of its simplicity,  breakfast can be a tricky meal when it is done well. It is a matter of split second timing.

Scrambled eggs are especially fragile if you don’t want them dry or that horrible buffet watery. Light and fluffy eggs are a study in limited benign neglect.

I make a special cinnamon toast done under the broiler. Bacon needs to come up to heat slowly so the fat is rendered before it crisps.

It is also a trick to make the homemade cocoa so it is piping hot but does not scorch.

Bottom line is that I burned one piece of the toast and donated another to the dogs. And I almost scorched the cocoa.
But my son came home starving and cold.  He stood in the kitchen eating everything as fast as I could make seconds.

“Your food is the best.” He said.

And just like that, all was right in the world.

Lynn – Day 8 Fish and Peas

This afternoon I fell again. This is getting ridiculous. I am not even 50, and I am having a tough time staying on my feet. I have an ankle that is roughly the size of a modest cantaloupe. So I am not doing good cooking tonight.

So tonight we went simple tonight. We had beer battered fish with LeSeur peas. We get our beer battered fish from Schwan’s. They do an excellent job with most of their food.

What has surprised me is how often stuff has come up this week around dinner. We ended up eating take out or “cheater” food more often than I expected. I could have sworn that I cooked 5 nights a week. I am starting to question if all weeks are like this one.

Thanks to the number of nights that we did take-out, I am now short on my grocery budget. So I will need to definitely cook for the next five or six days.

Day 5: F-ing Shrimp

Did you know that all egg rolls can have shrimp in them, with no warning? I don’t know if that is really true or just the BS my local Chinese take-out is shoveling today.

So today my son and I were rearranging my room. The dogs believe that this is the apocalypse. Yoda is doing his impression of a depressed buzzard with his head low and his body all scrunched in. MonaLisa is contributing with occasional rounds of nervous barfing.

And I have stacks of miscellaneous shit all over my room, the adjacent hall, the bathroom and even stuffed in my son’s room.

The only reasonable thing to do for dinner was take-out. I ordered “The Happy Family” special. It comes without irony.  However, the accompanying egg roll contains shrimp.

I am new to the whole world of food allergies. I used to be nearly goat-like in my ability to digest just about anything. Sadly that ended this past summer. I was attacked by a swarm of wasps and nothing has been the same since. A single prawn and I am talking with the balloon-tongue lisp.

So tonight’s dinner was an eggroll,  a bit of Egg Foo Young with a HUGE side if benadryl. 

F-ing shrimp.