It was On Sale

20526_10206004224775024_1597305877607177540_n This is what we ate the past two nights.  To the left, is probably the cheapest dinner I have made lately.  Besides hamburger helper.  Chicken tortellini on sale, a jar of premade pasta sauce, some frozen peas, garlic and cream cheese.  The salad just has cucumbers and vinegar, salt and pepper.  It was good.

Last night, we had blanched asparagus, because it was also on sale, honey chicken thighs and Italian flavored little potato wedge things.  I was walking the dogs and smelled someone making dinner.  I tried to recreate that.  The potatoes and chicken were really good…sweet and crunchy on the outside.   10984286_10206013362203454_8238850510487448139_n


Food for Thought

I did it again.  Four nights flew by, we aren’t sick…and it isn’t until now that I sit here to post the blurry phone-camera photos and descriptions of my days edible endings.

Why?  It’s certainly becoming less interesting to post a meal repeat.  I didn’t even bother pulling out the cell for pizza.  Although it was delicious, the chewy crusty goodness that is Boston’s Pizza didn’t merit another picture of the same.  It was good, though.  A bonus?  I didn’t have to cook.


This is rice and beans.  Did I already write about this meal?  I don’t remember.  Too much is happening.  Maybe I did.

Maybe it’s only been three nights.  I don’t know.



I KNOW I didn’t write about this.  My husband deep fried two chickens in peanut oil.  OMG.  It was amazing.  We ate them all.  I made some garlic rice and broccoli on the side.  Those were like…meh.  We have homemade KFC basically.  Who needs anything else?  It was so good.  He wants to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving and I think it will happen.  Maybe he can make more chicken for my birthday because we won’t have power all day.  Yay for living on base!  All suffering AND fun is mandatory.  Have you never heard of mandatory fun days?


We ate on our porch, which I always regret because my kids are loud and I don’t feel like I can properly yell at them outside.  We started eating before the veggies were done.  I suck at microwaving things.  Before you, you will see some steak, leftover rice with onions thrown in and A-1 because the steak was just not that good.

The following night, we ate pizza.

Beans and Rice, Pork and Peas


I did it again.  Two dinners in one post.  Oh well.

This is beans and rice.  It is a recipe from my mother, who got it from a friend of hers.  It’s delicious, and warm, and I forgot beans so we had to go to the store to buy some.  While we were there, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and get dinner for the next night.  Aren’t I smart?


I made this because, while I was making the blog post with 348967598397 pictures on it, it gave me a craving.  Plus, it’s very easy to make.  The kids also love it, which just makes it an all-around winner.

All My Dinners


We have been sick.  Most of us, at one point or another, since my last post…sick.  This is no real excuse, but it is a reason, and I’ve included all dinners we’ve eaten since my last post in this one.

Above, you see my version of pasta carbonara.  Or, as my kids call it, ‘Bacon Pasta’.  The following night, we ate ramen.  I’ve already put a photo of this exact meal in this blog, so I’ll spare you.


This is what I make when I don’t want to cook, but I’d like to eat.  Is this not a dilemma everyone has?  The kids also love peas.  It’s broiled pork loin steaks, mashed potatoes and peas.  From the microwave steam bags.  This is the first time I’ve had a microwave in about six years.  It came with the house.


I really, really wanted some good cheesy Italian food.  This was a day I got some bad news, and needed a little comfort.  What’s better at that than pasta?  Nothing.  Nothing except chocolate.


What should I call this?  It’s like Thai – ish food.  We had company, and I like them, and I felt like cooking.  Steamed rice with homemade peanut sauce, beef satay, mango curry chicken and vinegar cucumbers.  Mmmmm.  I want some more.


As you might surmise from the lighting, this was an early dinner.  I did not feel like cooking.  The ribs were precooked and the rest was steamed in the steamer or boiled.  Our tummies hurt and the buttery rice helped.


My husband made dinner last night. It was hamburger helper, and it had way too much meat in it but I didn’t have to cook and it was warm.  It reminds me of the book “Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King whenever I eat Hamburger Helper and have a sugary drink.

More later.

Dinner Haiku


This dinner is called

Honey chicken, where I cooked

Honey and chicken.

It also has some

Freezer potatoes and

Peas with salt and butter.


It might not look great

But I cooked this chuck roast in

My cast iron pan.

It was amazing.

The vegetables, roasted in

olive oil.  Yum.


Now, we come to this.

My husband wanted to cook.

It is a school night.

We ate at eight.  What

the hell.  Then, I found myself

Doing the dishes.

There were a lot of

Fucking dishes to clean up.

I wanted pasta.

But it was still good.

Thank you for making dinner,

all those dishes too.

The End.


For the past two nights, my family and I have eaten pizza and a half-assed version of pork chops because I feel like crap.  The pizza is from a local pizza shop with amazing pizza and we had it a little over a week ago.  The rest…well…it filled us up.  Then I went to bed.

Three Days of Dinner

1469860_10205805310122282_555855049452665812_n 10801802_10205826191004291_518834610548775263_n 10929017_10205826190524279_9085953214788444429_n

Viola.  What I ate for dinner during the past three days.  I feel the need to disclose that I usually have seconds.

The first was a birthday party dinner.  Someone else made it, and it was good.  The next was ribs, fruits and garlic mashed potatoes with incredibly mushy broccoli.  My husband has braces and we are eating a lot of incredibly mushy things to appease him.  Wimp.

The last dinner was chicken thigh and pepper stir fry with mango milkshake.  It was fantastic and I am about to eat the leftovers for lunch.