April 8 -Meeting night, late dinner

Hubby had to fend for himself as the second Wednesday of the month is my Board of Director’s meeting for my charity. I ran that meeting like a well-oiled machine and got us out of there by 7:15.We all chatted for about 20 minutes then I got everyone out the door and locked it up. Got home a bit before 8 pm very hungry. I made a green salad with heirloom tomatoes and an avocado. Balsamic vinegar and oil to dress it, and I was set.  Except I was still hungry when I finished that salad! I checked the fridge and saw the last of the butternut squash was still there, so I heated that up with butter, salt and pepper and consumed it. It was warm and yummy. I felt satisfied then! Enjoy your dinner! V.


April 7 – Chicken again? Yes and Veggie Stir-Fry

I picked up my dog from the vet hospital and given post-surgical feeding instruction. My pup was to get boiled burger and rice for 4 days, no regular dog food. So I made that when I got home

The pan of chicken quarters I made last night was a family-sized package, so I had 4 left over.  I gave hubby a leg and thigh and  some of the extra rice I made for the dog. I made a veggie stir-fry with baby bok choy, spinach, mushrooms and tomato. I had some spicy chinese sauce (not sure what, since there was no English on the box) and that was part of my stir-fry experience. I ate a leg and thigh with the stir fry and gave a little to hubby for his side. Pretty good outcome!  Spicy and delicious. Enjoy your dinner! V.

April 6 – Chipotle Chicken Mash and Butternut Squash

Easter wasn’t any kind of an occasion for us this year. We don’t have family here, we didn’t go to church. I was dealing with work deadlines and it just didn’t end up being a celebration. So for Monday I decided I was going to make a nice dinner for hubby and me. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Yep.

Two emergencies on the farm took care of that! One was a birth, twin goat kids. The other was a near death (don’t feed bones to your dogs people) that landed my 7 yr old Border Collie mix in the vet hospital with surgery. We got home from the vet to find that one of the twins didn’t make it. That was the icing on the crap cake of the day. This  farming life is really hard sometimes. The happy ending was that my pup survived and so did the remaining twin.

I managed to throw some chipotle sauce over some chicken quarters and make some instant mash. I baked a butternut squash for our vegetable. This photo taken before I put the chicken gravy on the plate. So all in all, the dinner was the high point of the day. Celebrating birth and rebirth all in the same day.  Enjoy your dinner! V.

365 dinner apt 6

April 4 – Pork Chops, mash, salad and cheesy cornbread

This is sort of like a cheesy Southern meal. The twist on this was that the pork chops were frozen. These were thin sliced chops. I seared in hot oil, turned and seasoned, then added some water and covered the chops to let them steam through. Once the water boiled out they browned nicely. I made some mashed potatoes and a delicious green salad. I ate only salad, as my blood sugar has been extra high, and heated up some corn bread with cheddar in it for hubby. Enjoy your dinner! V.

April 2nd – Mandarin Orange Chicken

Tonight I cooked a package of chicken drumsticks, with a baked acorn squash and corn on the cob. We grew the corn, blanched and froze it at the end of last summer. It’s kind of fun to eat corn on the cob in early spring!  I seasoned the chicken with garlic, ground ginger and poured a can of mandarin oranges over the drumsticks and baked in the oven at 375 for an hour and fifteen minutes. I had baked the acorn squash earlier by cutting in half and placing in a shallow baking pan with a little water in it for an hur and half. The corn was defrosted and boiled until tender. Enjoy your dinner! V.