April Fool’s ! Breakfast for Dinner (sort of)

I went to the community riding arena to participate in Western Dressage Quadrille. For those of you who don’t know, it’s drill team or parade maneuvers on horseback requiring precise movements on the part and excellent communication between the horse and rider. I rode my student horse that I had just turned over to his owner on Sunday, so it was very fun for me to enjoy riding him again a few days later.

I returned home, driving through blowing snow and was a little stressed out when I got there. I was very hungry and saw that there was leftover chile colorado (red sauce) so I made eggs refried beans with melted cheese on them and topped the eggs  with the chile colorado. Enjoyed it immensely! Hope you enjoy your dinner! V.


March 31 – Pork Chile Colorado

After my thrown together meal the previous night I redeemed myself tonight by making a meal (almost) completely from scratch. It took several hours and was totally worth it! I Neglected to photograph the plate, but I got a couple in -progress pics.

I had some dried red chiles in my pantry and a couple days ago I put them into a jar with water to reconstitute them thinking I would use them for a marinade or something. Then I had the bright idea for tonight’s dinner. I pulled out my trusty food processor and blended the rehydrated chiles, 7or 8 whole tomatillos from a can, some pickled banana peppers, garlic, onion and whole tomato and seasonings to make a thick sauce. I tasted it and it wasn’t quite spicy enough so I added more garlic powder, some cumino, black and ceyanne pepper and some tapatio hot pepper sauce to give it the right amount of heat. I put it in the fridge still thinking I would use it on chicken. Then I realized I had some pork  and decided on Mexican Chile Colorado for dinner.

When I was ready to cook I put the sauce in a pot and diluted it with chicken broth (approx 3 cans). I used 2.5 pounds of boneless pork rib meat chopped into bite sized pieces I dredged the pieces in flour seasoned with dark chile powder, salt and pepper. Then I browned the meat in hot oil and put it in the sauce. I brought it to a boil, then put it on simmer for about 1.5 hours until fork tender. Served with rice, beans, and corn tortillas, it was an authentic and delicious meal. Enjoy your dinner! V

.365 dinner pork march 31

March 30 – Broiled Lamb Chops

We had a very rough day on the farm and I almost didn’t make dinner tonight. Then I remembered that I’d defrosted a package of lamb chops and I needed to cook them. It was a surprisingly delicious meal considering I was exhausted from midwifing goat babies all day, and was sort of on auto pilot.

I seasoned the chops and stuck them under the broiler and made some (gasp!) rice a roni, and a side salad. I don’t normally make instant or processed anything, but since it only took ten minutes to make , I thought the rice a roni was a great choice tonight. The beef flavor complemented the lamb better than I expected. A few glasses of merlot and Voila! There was a meal. Enjoy your dinner! V.

March 29 – Jack Burger for him, and I’m drinking my dinner

Hubby got a buy one get one coupon for the new Jack in the Box extra grease burger. The new one with the greasy cheese AND garlic butter. So he got two of those while we were in town today. I went to lunch with friends and he met up with me later  and I drove home so he could get all up in that greaseburger on the way. He was full at dinner time so told me that if he got hungry that he could eat the second burger. I ate a substantial lunch, so I drank my dinner with a side of mixed nuts. First water, then red wine. Cheers! Enjoy your dinner! V.

March 27 – Korean Goat Surprise

Just kidding! It wasn’t Korean, but I did use fermented red peppers as the base of the sauce. I had some sliced goat steaks ( Think Carne Asada). I seared them in hot oil then chopped them into bite sized pieces and simmered them in the red pepper sauce, diluted with water, and some sautee’d celery and onion.  Hubby had his over rice, and I had mine with quinoa. It was very interesting, probably not something I’d make again soon.  Goat meat is an acquired taste. We farm it here at The Kissing Tree, so it’s something I’ve learned to cook and eat. Not my favorite. Enjoy your dinner! V.