Breakfast for Dinner, for Brunch

I’ve taken a long hiatus, mainly because I got trapped in that thought loop where nothing I made or ate was blog-worthy, which in fact made it absolutely blog-worthy, which in turn made it… just never get written about. This post is actually about what I had for brunch, but it was so completely tasty that I’m going on record with it anyway.

Yesterday I finally opened up the March issue of Food and Wine. Since I was a Gourmet-reading teenager, I’ve enjoyed receiving at least one food-related periodical during most years of my life. This issue was full of “Gaaaaah!” moments and I found that my love of things foodish was waking up from some sort of winter’s nap. Perfect timing: it just so happened that I was expecting a brunch guest for today and I couldn’t not make the porridge recipe (link below). I ended up slicing the bananas differently (in thirds, then halved lengthwise) and using brown sugar sprinkled over plenty of (salted) butter to cook them. I also turned them so that both sides were a nice light brown. Added about two pinches more salt to the porridge. The almonds were a nice touch. Didn’t use cream, but it could be pleasant. I paired it with multiple cups of strong coffee and some unfortunately-mediocre bacon. Four thumbs up, between my guest and me (good enough that my bowl was half-eaten before I realized I had not taken a photo).


Braised pork belly and minted rice

Braised pork belly, brown rice, and minted carrots and parsnips

Braised pork belly, brown rice, and minted carrots and parsnips

The flavors in the pork belly dish are leeks, crystallized ginger, star anise, rice wine, and tamari. I always make two pounds at a time Continue reading

Day 21 – Lisa – Hodge Podge

Today was a catch up day in that my daughter and I got home last night after a weekend of college visits.  I didn’t motivate to make dinner until 5:30 which wasn’t really much motivation.  So my kids had pasta with butter, I had leftover salad, and the hubby had a frozen Indian dinner.  I did manage to put a berry salad together so that I could feel better about the hodge podge.