A burger on a roll


I had all this leftover produce from camping, because I took a ridiculous amount of everything with me. Bought fresh bread at the store: the kind Kevin likes his breakfast toast made out of, the kind he likes for sandwiches, rolls to eat the hot dogs I brought home on. Tonight, I broiled the bacon I brought home, and the asparagus. Dressed the sandwiches with tomato and lettuce that also went camping. And then I made burgers, topped them with cheese, also well traveled and sort of sketchily refrigerated, but fine. Do you see what I did there, making the round things to go on the long rolls? Yeah. So then we cut them in half all kludgily and ate them in all their delicious glory, while watching the newest season of “Master Chef.”


Day 22 – Lisa – Bison Bad

Tonight I made bison burgers.  They weren’t good.  They weren’t juicy and fatty like burgers should be and really if I’m going to eat a burger, I want it juicy and fatty.  I stir fried some vegetables as a side dish and put some yummy strawberries out.  My kids had left over pasta because the bison burgers didn’t look too appealing.  Next time I’m hungry for burgers . . . I’m going to have burgers.