Day 2 – Lynn

I knew that there would be a day when I was ashamed to share my dinner. I just didn’t think it would come soon.

It started with such great intentions. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I made a potato soup.

It has been years since I have made one of my famous potato soups. My husband has been managing his Type 2 diabetes without medication.  I havr been supporting him by making low-carb foods.

But in recent months he has been eating crap no matter how hard I try to keep him healthy food. So I said “screw it” and made a family favorite.

But, I didn’t have all my normal ingredients so I made a polish sausage version.  In my head it is wonderful. In the pot it was…uninspired. It wasn’t bad, just not nurturing or fun.

The idea of having it for dinner after having a small bowl for lunch was unbearably depressing.  And… (drumroll please) the guys wanted nachos, had the ingredients and they were willing to cook.

So I had delicious nachos with meat, a salsa with corn, black beans, peppers and onions.

Then, just to be sure that we all were on our way towards cardiac arrest, my husband made Thai crispy beef. According to him, the stuff is given away in Thai bars just to keep you drinking beer.

It is a challenge to get through a plate of Thai crispy beef. You are a total chicken if you stop before you get through your whole plate.

It is made with white pepper so the heat sneaks up behind you and haunts you. I had to drink three beers to keep my head from going up in flames.

So, of course I have spent the last hour praying to the Great Porcelain Goddess. Thai crispy beef us as awful coming up as going down.

Why did I think that I should join in the culinary adventures of my guys. My son once asked “exactly how poisonous is it” after he found out that I had sprayed the cookies in the trash with kitchen cleaner.  What made me think that anything good could come from eating like one of the guys?