Happy Pi Day!

Mac n' cheese, mustard curry cody, and spiced glazed vegetables

Mac n’ cheese, mustard curry cod, and spiced glazed carrots and parsnips

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by Pi Day. I baked a lime meringue pie. Then I made this dinner. I used a favorite recipe for a fish curry that uses mustard oil. For the carrots and parsnips, I found an intriguing glazed carrots recipe in The Best of Lord Krishna’s Cuisine. I made a totally unauthorized substitution of some beef stock for the sparkling water and juice. And I broke a culinary rule by serving fish with cheese, but I think there should be an exception for macaroni and cheese.

Lime meringue pie

Lime meringue pie

The pie… it came out better than the last time I tried to make a citrus meringue pie, and accidentally doubled the liquid so it ran when I cut into it. The first slice of the Pi Day pie came out looking very nice, actually. But overall, not an excellent pie. The crust shrank, and I would have liked the filling to be more tart. The custard held together when I sliced it, but it still wept. I might be looking for a better recipe.

Jan 23: Fish Fry

Every third Friday — except for Lent, when it’s every Friday – one of our local fraternal organizations has a fish fry. And it’s pretty decent. So it’s become a bit of a tradition for me and a friend who buys for both of us. The salads – which consist of iceberg lettuce and some veggies – and desserts, however leave a lot to be desired.

After a brief happy hour with friends, it was straight to pick up fish, go home and get to bed. It was a very exciting day. And, yes, I’m just going to leave you hanging.