Chicken artichoke fettuccine

Chicken thigh, artichoke and spinach, and hand rolled fettuccine

Chicken thigh, artichoke and spinach, and hand rolled fettuccine

I made the pasta from scratch: my first time. It’s not too hard, about like making a pie crust, and fussier. I have to touch every single strand to unfurl it after cutting the rolled up sheets. A dusting of semolina helps with that but still. I found you can dramatically reduce the amount of egg from the Cooks’ Illustrated recipe and still get a decent tasting product. (I used just three eggs and a yolk.) I rested the dough for two hours and that seems to matter. Rolling it was really simple, though my noodles were just a hair on the rustic side (read: thick). Continue reading


Day 32 – Lisa – Long time no talk

You haven’t heard from me for quite awhile for one simple reason, I haven’t cooked since the last time I posted.  I’ve cooked breakfast, lunch, frozen dinners, and microwave popcorn but I haven’t cooked a complete homemade dinner this whole time.  You know what else, I’m not feeling all that guilty about it.  I’ve had some good sushi, pizza, and Italian food so don’t worry about my health.  All is good.

Day 10 – Lisa, The Comeback Tour and The Farewell Tour in one day

My youngest son broke both wrists a couple of months ago.  He plays volleyball and in the first game of the first tournament of the season he fell backwards and broke both wrists at once.  He continued to play until the end of that match but  that’s another story.  Today was the start of his volleyball Comeback Tour.  We left our house at 7 a.m. to shlep an hour in 2,000 below zero temperature an to a freezing cold gym for him to make his triumphant comeback.

At the same time my oldest son is packing up and preparing for his Farewell Tour back to college.  In our family any tour, celebration, sad situation, a Bulls win, or the end of a dreadful Bear’s season is cause for dinners out.  Tonight was no exception.  We hit the neighborhood Italian joint, Philly G’s, for some really good Comeback and Farewell Tour fare.

Interestingly enough because I was mother of the century this morning during the Comeback Tour, I felt zero guilt at the Philly G’s Farewell Tour dinner.  So there’s that.