Beef, kale, and carrots

Kale and collards, carrots, and steak in lavash

Kale and collards, carrots, and steak in lavash

The carrots are part of the penultimate distribution from our winter farm share. The kale and collards are a mix of three different kinds of coles that Kevin pulled from the freezer, all stuff I’ve blanched and put up in seasons past. Some of it was winter collards, and the rest was summer kale. I browned the greens and then steamed them all together with butter and garlic. For the wraps, I seasoned and seared a piece of round steak just rare, sliced it thin, and served it on toasted lavash. I put sauerkraut on mine because lately I’m putting it on everything. I used the pan from cooking the steak to finish the carrots. I added chopped parsley and thyme, and more butter, to the pan, and then tossed the cooked carrots in the pan to finish them.


January 18: Porchetta That Fucking Wins Dinner, BOOM.

Pork wrapped around pork. It's a pork Turducken. It's a Moreporken.

Pork wrapped around pork. It’s a pork Turducken. It’s a Moreporken.

Put down your forks, because I totally fucking won dinner tonight. I do not care that it was not a contest, I still win. And I won right after the Seahawks won, so there was a lot of winning in this town tonight. But only my win was delicious. The skin was sooooooo perfectly crunchy, melt in your mouth salty that if Richard Sherman himself had come in and asked for a pice of my skin, I’d say “NO WAY.” (I’d definitely try to get him to take a bite of my real skin, which would be totally awkward, seeing as I was eating dinner with my husband, his mothers, my ex husband, our daughter and my dad.) Continue reading

January 7: Another Paleo Challenge Begins

The usual, again. I never get sick of kale salad, but you might get sick of me writing about it.

The usual, again. I never get sick of kale salad, but you might get sick of me writing about it.

It’s day one of the Whole 30. Honestly,  I swear, I already feel better. In the last 5 weeks I have eaten (and drinken) so much garbage that my body is rebelling. I’m not sleeping as well, I don’t have as much energy (so you’d think I’d at least be able to sleep,) my skin looks like The Grand Canyon and my body odor is something other than inviting.

But damn, I do love cupcakes, ice-cream and beer.

I should be clear that I am, generally, pretty thoughtful about how I eat. And I am not, in general, very restrictive. I generally eat what I want to, and that usually healthful food. But something happens to me in December. It’s not holiday cheer, quite. It’s more like the opposite, I just kind of hate December with a massive passion. And that passionate hatred is coupled with ALL THE SUGARY THINGS. Every year, I try to buffer against it. And it never works. Continue reading