Kibbeh returns with some friends

Kibbeh, turnips & friends, and carrots

Kibbeh, turnips & friends, and carrots

A recipe of kibbeh uses three pounds of meat, so it takes us a few meals to get through a tray. Today I made a couple of vegetable dishes to go with it. I thawed some lamb curry soup, which has a little meat and vegetable in it, to use in cooking vegetables. One is a mix of white and yellow turnips cooked in lamb curry soup, with onions, bacon, and bay, and some cider vinegar to finish. The other is carrots, also cooked in the same soup, and seasoned with some ginger and cayenne.


Lamb and mac

Roast leg of lamb, macaroni and cheese, and summer vegetables

Roast leg of lamb, macaroni and cheese, and summer vegetables

We’re still applying ourselves to a lot of leftover meat, including this lamb roast. This is the last of it. Kevin made dinner tonight: a box of cheesy shells that he cheesed up extra, and warmed up the vegetables and lamb. Husbands who cook, rock.

Leftovers and freezer food

We got one of those crazy March snows today, after the winter seemed to be melting up, which is exactly the way March works. It’s Friday and I find myself week end with a fridge full of meat. I spent part of the afternoon butchering a venison round into stew and ground for the freezer. We’ll be eating that for months. But tonight for dinner, I served leftovers: slices from a lamb leg roast, and three vegetable dishes, none that I made today.

One, I alone ate, because it has beets in it. It also has carrots, onions, and sage. Another from the freezer is a Chinese five-spiced combination from last August, of sweet peppers, eggplant, and summer squash. The third combo is one from earlier this week, of parsnips and carrots with a sweet spiced glaze.

We each made a plate and watched an old episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” I forgot to take a picture of my dinner before I ate it, so no image with today’s post. I go back and forth, red wine or beer with dinner. If you’re wondering what pairs well with leftover red meat, tonight we’re each enjoying a glass of Ghost Pines, one of Kevin’s favorite reds.

Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Ras al hanout lamb

Roast lamb, mac n' cheese, root vegetables

Roast lamb, mac n’ cheese, root vegetables

I grabbed a jar of ras al hanout spice on impulse today, and used it on the boneless leg of lamb I was planning to roast for dinner. I thought I used a generous amount, but the flavor was still mild. With the lamb roast I served leftover rutabaga and friends, glazed carrots and parsnips, and macaroni n’ cheese.

Baked chicken

Chicken quarter, hashed potatoes, and mixed greens

I took the breasts off a whole chicken and put them in some marinade for tomorrow’s dinner. The rest of the parts—the rack, the leg quarters, a neck and a heart, and the wings—I roasted all together. I froze the roasted rack, neck, heart, and wing tips for later use in stock making. Tonight we had the leg quarters for dinner. One of the sides started out as salt roasted potatoes, which I then turned into a hash over the weekend, with onion and bacon, that we ate with brunch. The other side is the mix of greens from yesterday.

Bacon cheeseburger

Bacon cheddar burger with sauerkraut and kale

Bacon cheddar burger with sauerkraut and kale

An early dinner tonight. All of last night’s leftover red kale, more butter, and one of the leftover bacon burgers I made this week, topped with melted cheddar and a big serving of sauerkraut. Lately I want to eat salty cured things. There are bugs running and birds singing, and the twilight comes later. These all go together, somehow.