A bit of cassoulet recipe correction and some turnips

Some cassoulet, and a serving of turnips

Some cassoulet, and a serving of turnips

It doesn’t look like much, but the beans, which are creamy, flavorful, are also dense and filling. The turnips also came out good. I cooked those in pork stock and thyme, like the cassoulet.

I forgot to mention an ingredient yesterday when I gave the recipe for this cassoulet. I added about a quarter cup of tomato paste to the warm beans before pouring them into the roasting pan, over the meatballs and pig’s feet, and a few more sprigs of thyme.


Jan 21: Turkey meatballs

Simek's Turkey MeatballsSo today’s dinner was made with a bag of frozen turkey meatballs from the cooperative buying program I participate in. Two to three more bags are still in the freezer.

Slathered meatballs with BBQ sauce and stuck them in the over. Made frozen green beans in the microwave. I’ll probably have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

An interesting sidenote. I saw on the package that the meatball manufacturer — Simek’s out of Minnesota — donates 10% of their profits to “organizations that serve those in need“. So my purchase (using my EBT) actually helps others, too! #winning