That might have been dinner

Brunch plans that got delayed long enough became something like lunch/dinner, and now that it’s 8 o’clock I doubt there will be another big meal today. So dinner was a Reuben with potato salad at Fitzwilly’s with Kevin and a couple of good friends visiting from out of town. It was the first really nice weekend this year, everyone out in shorts, washing their cars and taking in the sun. After, we walked to Herrell’s and got ice cream for the walk home.


Northampton Brewery

No picture with today’s dinner. I forget to do it when I’m not cooking. We went walking around downtown and had dinner at the Northampton Brewery. I was in the mood for a burger exactly like their Green Mountain offering, with bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms. I drank a porter and a bitter. Then we stopped for ice cream at Herrell’s on the way home. I got a key lime cardamom cone. Very refreshing.