Sausage, vegetable gratin, and spinach

I forgot to take a picture. We’re eating dinner earlier on the weekends during the summer. Dinner becomes what it is to old people in the South, the meal you eat at noon. For supper, which is what you eat in the South at the end of the day, we might have a BLT: later, after the sun goes down. This is the longest day of the year, and a hot and muggy one.

Today’s main meal was a ginger scallion chicken sausage, the leftovers of a potato gratin that also has some celeriac and something else in it that I forget, and some fresh spinach sauteed with butter and garlic scapes.


Chicken, gratin, and salad


Broiled chicken thighs with a gratin of potatoes, celeriac, and kohlrabi, and a side of salad. When I say “salad” I just mean, “washed lettuce with dressing.” I like goddess dressing, which is like a tahini-based version of ranch. Kevin likes the old school ranch.