The snack that eats like a meal (or vice versa)

I think that was dinner, just now. I heated up a small bowl of pasta, venison ragu, and kale, grated a little pecorino over it, and ate it, thinking that it was going to tide me over til we ate dinner for real, but then I ate half, Kevin ate the other half, and it’s after seven, so I don’t think we’re going to eat again, unless it’s to snack some more.

Venison ragu

Venison ragu over rotini, Napa cabbage, and garlic bread

Venison ragu over rotini, Napa cabbage, and garlic bread

I don’t always have two starches with dinner, but when I do, it’s usually an Italian American classic like pasta with red sauce and a piece of Italian bread. The cabbage, I’m sorry, was incredibly bitter. I get a little angry at past me when he puts things in the freezer that aren’t worth preserving. Should I attempt to sweeten the remainder or throw it away?

The sauce came out very nice. Two cans of tomatoes, one big, one small. Half an onion. A pound of ground venison, well browned. Fresh garlic, frozen basil, dried oregano, thyme, and bay. I had a little bit of a French baguette hanging around, so I made garlic toast. A little grating of pecorino romano over the top.